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 So many of my friends have moved to DW, that there's a bare handful of people left on LJ that I regularly read.

If  la_avispa, and vjezkova, start posting on DW, then I'll probably kill my LJ account and read everyone on DW.  I'm getting far more comments on the Dreamwatch posts.

I know la_avispa has a  DW account, but I don't know if you're going to start cross-posting or not. I guess the Russian language speakers on LJ may be a plus for you.

vjezkova - do you fancy going on DW and cross-posting (you can set it up automatically)

aunty_gillian,  Graham M and Bill Hay, you may want to swap to reading my DW account, just in case this one does close. I'll warn you if it happens, but you may want to be premptive.
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 I'm seeing a large number of people shifting over to Dreamwidth as they don't like the new LJ terms of service.  Some are using it as their main journal and cross-posting, others are deleting their Livejournals and only using Dreamwidth.

If you're moving over, I would suggest importing your journal content to Dreamwidth  BEFORE abandoning it. (assuming you want to keep your old posts)

IF you look on the Dreamwidth 'profile' page, under the 'organise' tab, you'll find the 'import content'.  As long as you can remember your LJ password, you can import your Livejournal and comments in total. (there will probably be a delay as a lot of people are importing at present)

I'm 'watervole' on Dreamwidth as well.
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 A lot of my friends are setting up DW accounts at present.

Some are under the same name, some under different names.

My head is reeling trying to remember who is who....

If people regularly post on DW and cross-post to LJ, then I prefer to read them on DW and will remove them from my read list on LJ (but still leave them friended).

If you've recently (in the last month or so) set up a DW Account, please can you comment here (either on LJ or DW) to tell me:

1.  Which journal you will be using to post your entries. (ie.  Is it okay for me to default to reading you on DW)

2.  What your name is on both journals (several of you have done a helpful post of this nature, but I can see that I'll forget before long and it would be handy to have them all in both places)

3.  If you're willing, what name I know you by in real life and where we originally met (because I tend to forget that over time and think "I know I know you, but where do I know you from?")  

I'm still watervole on DW.
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I've just discovered that one of my friends has been on DW for the last year without my noticing.

If people post on both, then I default to reading them on DW.  If they only post actively on LJ, then I read them on LJ.

I know a number of people have shifted to Dreamwidth recently, so please can you update me with the status quo.

Poll #4390 Where do you actively post?
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Do you post actively on Dreamwidth?

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17 (54.8%)

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Do you have an inactive Dreamwidth account?

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Do you have a DW account under another name?

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If I've got this right, the LJ post should link to comments on the DW post and the DW post should link to the LJ comments.


Jun. 19th, 2010 04:04 pm
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I've noticed a sudden spurt on my flist of people going over to Dreamwidth.  I wonder if that's because, like me, people got a Dreamwidth account as a backup to LJ, but when the time came to renew their LJ account they made a conscious decision to get a paid DW account instead?

Anyone care to comment?  (It was the ability to search my own back entries properly that was the killer application for me)
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We've established that most (but not absolutely everyone) can read my Dreamwidth page, except me.

[livejournal.com profile] waveney thinks it's a DNS corruption and should spontaneously clear within three days.  We're getting pretty close to that three day limit now...  (I have no idea what he's talking about, but he does!)

It's not my browser, as other Firefox users are fine.

It seems unlikely that it's anything at my end as I had no problems accessing Dreamwidth in the past.

If it's still down tomorrow, then the DNS theory is bust.  I'm not sure what to do if that happpens.
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I managed to copy across all my LJ entries a couple of days ago, successfully used the search my entries facility that comes with my new paid account, worked out (with no little difficulty) how to get my tags in a column on the right - since then, can't access anything.

Can other people read my DW page?
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No sooner do I decide to give Dreamwidth a try, than it seems to stop working.  I finally managed to get tags to appear on my page, but since then I haven't been able to access Dreamwidth at all, I just get endless 'problem loading page' messages.

Is it working for anyone else, or have they got server problems?


Jun. 1st, 2010 03:23 pm
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I'm considering moving over to Dreamwidth as they've recently added some features that I can see will be very useful to me.

The ability to search my own journal is wonderful. I've just upgraded to a paid account and tested it out. Even with tags, I'd been having problems finding some old entries, and it's very useful to be able to locate some things (just been checking on my early experiences with contact lenses to give me a point of comparison to where I am now)

They're also working on a feature to allow you to have multiple draft entries. I *want* this...

I'm still trying to work out how to view my tags over there at present.


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