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 For all those affected by floods, especially those up north, here's my favourite Stanley Holloway monologue (written by Mariott Edgar)

I love the deadpan humour of this.  It's so very much northern English humour.

If you'd like to read the words, they can be found here -  http://monologues.co.uk/3Hapence.shtml 

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I've become (thanks to winterbadger) a real fan of The Giddy Limit, a cartoon strip written in Orkney.  For those who don't know, Orkney consists of the islands to the north of Scotland.  It's wet, windy and has very long nights in winter.

The drawings often reflect this:

The language reflects the local dialect.   You get used to it with a bit of common sense and an occasional trip to Google. I've just updated the Wikipedia entry for 'trivial monacha' to include it's Orkney name of groatie buckies.  (It's a shell, a bit like a small cowrie, may possibly have been used as money at some time.)

Does anyone know if there's an RSS feed of this strip?
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This should amuse any Shakespeare fans who are familiar with Facebook.


Oct. 19th, 2007 09:26 am
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One of my favourites from the new crop of pics from [profile] ihasatardis

Spoilers for most recent series of Dr Who and won't make sense if you've never seen Life on Mars


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