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Those interested in both chemistry and losing weight might like to take a look at [livejournal.com profile] kerravonsen 's journal.  She's trying to make a fat-free and sugar-free ice-cream or sorbet and is taking some interesting approaches.  It's an ongoing quest.  she's had one good ice-cream result with a diet milk-shake and is working on a sorbet experiment with xylitol at present.

( I just love things with geeky comments with things like the solubility of CO2 at different temperatures)

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Went out for a meal last night with the morris team.  Lovely meal, good food, great atmosphere, good company.  Hard to better that.

Only one very small fly in the ointment:  My starter was a duck terrine, which was excellent.  There was something in it, the occasional teaspoon size lump of something creamy and stunningly delicious.  Like liver, but very mild and with a hint of mushroom and a flavour I'd never encountered before but really liked.  Curious, I asked the waiter afterwards if he could tell me what it was.   He said it was the fois gras.

Rats.  That sadly means that I'll probably never taste it again.  Fois gras is on my list of foods that I avoid for ethical reasons.  (It's produced by force-feeding geese - though I gather there is a more expensive version that produces limited seasonal quantities by killing geese that have fattened themselves just before migrating).

Ah well - at least I have some understanding of why gourmets fight so hard to continue eating it.  I disagree with them, but at least I know where they are coming from.

For those who may be curious, other foods I avoid include veal (cruelty in production), skate (badly over-fished), eggs that aren't free range (I try and get organic as the welfare standard is higher than for free-range) and pretty much any fish that is a top predator (all over-fished and with slow reproduction rates).
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I'd always had this vague feeling that strawberries should taste better than they actually do, a memory from childhood that I'd finally dismissed as pure nostalgic fantasy. Even organic strawberries didn't live up to the expectation and as for the typical product of our local supermarket...

This week, Riverford's 'Ruby' strawberries came into season.

Oh Boy!

They're delicious. Now, I finally know that memory wasn't playing tricks on me after all.


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