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 Spent a day looking after Oswin as her parent's house needed spraying for fleas (the dog has an allergy to fleas).

She had  a play early on (she seems to like having a good kick and wriggle with no nappy on) and that got her nice and tired.  
We were out in the garden and  she seems fascinated by all the moving leaves and the sound of birds, etc.
After her feed, she went to sleep, so we went to Wimborne Model Town.  

We've lived close to it for many years and never actually been there other than on business for the Folk Festival.  I though it would be a good place to take Oswin as it's close to home and I was using the excuse of baby-sitting to have a day off from work and the computer.  We had a pleasant walk round the model town - the garden is really half the reason for going there - it's maintained by a keen group of volunteers.

Oswin's pushchair has a parasol so we were able to take her all round without risking sunburn.  To my surprise, she slept right through, even while we had lunch, not even waking up when we went home!

 I think I'll take her there again when she's a bit older.  There's half a dozen Wendy houses which other children were happily playing in, and a putting green, as well as all the model houses and a giant garden chess set.

The models were made in the 1950s and it was quite interesting to spot the differences between then and now.  About one business in ten is still there in its original shop, though often changed dramatically.  The surviving butcher now specialises in game.  The shop that used to sell radios and bicycles is now selling electrical goods.  (bicycles and radios must have been a common combination as two of the old shops did that).  There were also lots of bakers, grocers, general stores, butches, and greengrocers.  Nearly all gone now - supermarkets have taken over that role in towns.

After she woke up we had another play and then her feed.  Sadly, she was feeling rather giizzly afterwards and would only settle to sleep after a walk in the baby sling and then would only stay happy if she was sleeping on my chest while I lay back in a comfy chair and watched the TV (her parents have the same problem)

If we get to have Oswin for the day again, I think I might go for  walk along the river.  There's a path that should have a firm enough surface for the pushchair.  It's nice to spend a day focusing on Oswin rather than the computer.


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