Mar. 28th, 2013 03:32 pm
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My bank is changing some of their basic terms and conditions...

I read the letter, waiting for the bad news...

1.  They're making a sensible change to deal with cancelling recurring debit card payments

2.  If my account doesn't have enough money for a direct debit payment, they'll try a second time later in the day before bouncing it. (makes good sense)

3.  By May, I'll be able to withdraw cash and pay in cheques via post offices.  (that could be really handy for me)

4.  They've reduced the minimum amount that I have to have in the account to avoid paying bank charges.  (very useful!)

No bad news, only good stuff.

Then again, I do bank with First Direct...

(they did actually make a small goof last month, but it was sorted out with courtesy and understanding)
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 Last week, I wanted to do a payment from my First Direct account.  There was a problem with their web site, so I phoned them. The phone answered in one ring (which is pretty normal for first direct).  I explained the problem, the nice Scottish lady said "I can do that payment for you" and did.

This week, I had a problem with a standing order on my Barclay's account for the morris team.  There was a problem with their web site, so I phoned them.  Went through the usual tedious phone menus.  Explained the problem to a guy in India who misheard my account number and I had to give it to him again.  He said it was probably a browser problem and insisted I try Internet Explorer.  The web site failed at exactly the same point as it had with Chrome.  He transferred me to another guy who at least had English as his first language.  He talked me step by step through a complicated path that worked around the web problem and finally allowed me to edit the standing order.

Basically, First Direct sort things out faster and with less hassle.  Every time.

The only reason the morris account isn't with them is because First Direct don't do community accounts.

There's a reason why First Direct score 95% on customer satisfaction.


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