May. 4th, 2014 05:52 pm
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 I've seen people say that friends online aren't real friends and that no matter how many you have, only the people you actually meet in the flesh count as social interaction.

I think that's both true and not true.

I love being with friends in the flesh, but that often isn't possible.  Few people locally share my interests, and I hate travelling (well, I hate driving and trains are currently out of my budget unless there's a very good reason).

Sometimes friends online are a real bonus.  I won't always comment in your journals, but I'm reading them, and I know, even when you don't comment often that you're reading mine (because when the right topic comes up, I suddenly see you commenting).

I think of the curious and tenuous original links that have produced friends I value online:

The Czech lady who used to buy Blake's 7 fanzines off me.

The mother of a women I once discussed 'Stargate' with in a queue at Redemption.

The friend of a friend whom I found shared interests with in a wine bar (and who actually owns a kantele).

The Australian friend who used to write filk songs with when she was able to visit me in England.

The American lady who writes so well about horses and her ranch and her work as a techie.

The shy geek I first met when I organised a breakfast club at a Worldcon.

The morris dancer from up north who also write excellent gay romance.

The friend I met via Blake's 7 who now works in the justice system in spite of being qualified in metallurgy.

The friend (whom I can't even remember where I met him, but it was probably Redemption) who help at his local library.

The friend I met when teaching a filk session who also loves growing veg.

The German friend whom I met at a theatre where Gareth Thomas was appearing in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and who writes so wonderfully on so many topics (and writes great fan fic too)

Another friend who I found through her fanfic, especially Sherlock, but went on to read all the rest.

The friend whom I met through 'Who's 7' and who is currently being screwed over by her boss.

So many more.  The list is smaller as many have left Livejournal and Dreamwidth, but I value those who remain.  You enrich my lives even though I never see most of you in the flesh and see the remainder of you too rarely.  You would all be welcome in my home, as you are in my inbox.
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Some people I thought weren't reading, are reading.  Which gives me a nice warm feeling.  My friends list has just regained two people.
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I'm removing the following from my list, mainly because I don't think they actually read this journal (which means there isn't much point in giving them friend access). Also, several of them are people that I'm not that likely to meet again.

If any of them see this and want to be re-friended, just ask.  I'm not defriending any of you because I don't like you.

[ profile] myst , [ profile] duskdragonwing , [profile] da_pol , [profile] adamantine_lady , [ profile] indigomage 

I've ditched a few communities that seem to be inactive now.

Mind you, I seem to be adding as many people as I'm deleting...  As the other day, if you're not on my friends list and you want to be, just post me a note saying who you are and where I know you from.  Comments will be screened.

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I'm about to delete a couple of journals from my friends list and will probably do a few more over the next week or so as typing abilities allow.

I'm mostly deleting journals that never seem to post themselves, or that never leave comments in my journal.

I'll list them as I remove them, so if anyone sees themself and wants to remain, then all they have to do is to comment.

[ profile] bonsaient , [ profile] banhe , [ profile] eskoala , [ profile] fairylaura , [profile] hp_lexicon .

It also seems only fair to consider adding people who do regularly comment here.  My normal policy is only to friend people whom I've met in real life.  However, there are some people like [ profile] winterbadger who comment regularly (and intelligently) and who might want to read my occasional friend's only comments (I mostly tend to friend-lock when I'm talking about people like my math pupils - I don't feel it fair for any comment about them to be where a friend of theirs might be able to read it.)

If you want to be added to my friend list, please put a comment (I'm screening replies), telling me who you are in real life, a little about yourself so that I feel like I met you at a convention and chatted to you and decided to friend you afterwards.


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