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Feeling tired from too much travel - been visiting friends and family over the last few days.

Had just managed to work out my poi routine for the Discworld maskerade - a fairly complicated one using scarf poi and a newly learnt figure called a 'fountain'.  Took me a week and a half to 'get' the fountain, and to do the whole routine without twisting the scarves.

Managed to leave the bag containing poi, cross-stitch and the book I'm reading (my 'on voyage' bag) on the train coming home.  A couple of phone calls elicited the information that the bag (if it's been found) will be in Bournemouth until Thursday (before being taken to Waterloo), but of course, in this day and age, you cannot phone a station.  Great efforts are made to ensure you have no number to phone.  A friend of my son's in Bournemouth did a quick check, but lost property closes at 6pm.

Will have to try again tomorrow, but am feeling frustrated.  If I can't get those poi back, I'll have to re-learn the routine all over (different sets of poi move very differently) and I don't know if I have the time before the convention.
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I'm heading up north tomorrow to see [personal profile] kalypso_v and [personal profile] julesjones and [profile] auntygillian.  I had to book a ticket at short notice as I didn't want to commit until I was sure I still had a voice after Orbital.

Found tickets on Trainline, but was unable to buy them as it's too close to the date to mail them to me and Poole station lacks the necessary electronic machine to print out the tickets.  Bournemouth doesn't have one either.  Grrr.

Went to bed stressed and with a sore shoulder.

This morning, I decided to try and phone Poole station to see if there was any way of collecting tickets there.  Not listed in phone book.  No surprise there...

Phoned the only number I could find in my phone book for South West Trains (Wareham station).  Human being gave me a customer service number 0845 6000650 which I rang with some trepidation.  (A lot of these numbers now use voice recognition and my voice is usually to bad to work with them - besides, there was the risk of going through the entire process and then finding I couldn't collect the ticket in any case.)

Amazingly, only one button press got me to a human being who said that someone from ticket sales would ring back in about 20 mins.

They did. And within 20 mins.  Not only that, the English gentleman on the phone found a way to collect my ticket from the station and came up with a return route that was £10 cheaper than the best one I'd found on the web.

All hail South West Trains!


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