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I just got a note from BT:
We'd also like to make you aware of some changes to our prices, terms and conditions, effective from 1st April 2010. These include changing what we define as the evening call period for all types of calls: at the moment from 6pm-6am, but changing to 7pm-7am. For more details about this change, as well as changes to our call set-up fee and daytime rate, please see below.

Watch out for that one if you're in the habit of making early evening phone calls.

However, on the plus side,
Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers1 - included at no extra cost:
 - During the weekend if you have our Unlimited Weekend Plan.
 - During evenings and weekends if you have our Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan.
 - At any time if you have our Unlimited Anytime Plan.

So if you make your calls to 0845/0970 during the period when you'd normally get free phone calls, then those are free as well -but NOT during the rests of the day.

During the day, it's still cheaper to use 18185   BT aren't even in the same game when it comes to overseas calls.  I can call a phone (landline or mobile) overseas for less than the cost of some UK  calls!

Cheap SMS

Aug. 5th, 2008 08:53 am
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I already love 18185 for my landline calls.  It's a flat rate 6p per call any time of day.  (I use BT's option 2 for evenings and weekends, but their daytime rates are extortionate).  I use it for international calls that are either 1p or 1/2p a minute, but I've just discovered that they now offer 1p text messages to mobile phones.

For me, the appeal is not just the low price, it's the fact that I can send the message from my computer - I find it much easier to touch type in front of my computer, then to peck at the keys of my mobile.

But as I have a pay as you go mobile and the cheapest text is 5p, the cost is an added bonus.

If you want to give it a try, there's no rental cost, it's just a cost per call billed to your credit card once a month.


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