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My son just bought a second-hand car from a dealer. 

He's only had it two days and two of the hub caps have fallen off, the door catch doesn't work properly and other stuff.

Now, it had a current MOT and he knew it was pretty much of a cheap old banger, but it's worse than he expected it to be.  (eg. he's not concerned if electric windows don't work, but other stuff is a concern).

Does he have the right to take it back again?

(they took his old car in part exchange for £90, though a fair part of that was for the petrol in the tank)

He's found another car elsewhere that looks far better value for money (he's looked at the log book) and he wants shot of the first one so that he can buy the second.

I believe he would have had no rights if the first car had been bought privately, but it was bought from a garage.  However, I've no idea what his rights are.  Can anyone help?


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