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I collected a batch of shirts and trousers from the shop on Tuesday, so here's what the full version of the Anonymous Morris kit looks like.

First, we have what I think of as the social version.  Can be worn when dancing at ceilidhs, etc. or when it's simply too hot for a tatter jacket.  The duelling shirt and Cossack trousers give wonderful freedom of movement when dancing and give a 'pirate' feel to the costume when worn with a red sash round the waist (or round the head).  The top hats are partly a reminder of what we're aiming for.  Top hats only tend to be worn by the really good Border morris sides.

Now, we add the tatter jacket.  Tatters are worn by about 90% of Border sides.

And, last but not least - face paint.

Face painting (usually just plain black, but there are plenty of variations) is very Border.  We don't plan to do it for every occasion, but we're dancing out for a Halloween ghostwalk in aid of Help for Heroes (organised by our friends at the Inner Sanctum who have been selling us shirts and trousers at a big discount), so it seems only fitting to dress for the occasion...

This is my test version which I did to try out the design.

I got the face paints from two different sources.  The black is Snazaroo and the white and pale grey come from the fancy dress shop at the bottom of Poole high street.  The stuff from the fancy dress shop (Grimas) goes on well and gives coverage without needing you to add any water.   The Snazaroo requires you to add a bit of water to use it.

However, the Snazaroo is much easier to wash off afterwards.  The other stuff can be removed with soap and water, but you do feel there's a little bit left behind.

Also, when painting Snazaroo on top of the other stuff, it doesn't work as well as it does on bare skin.

All useful things to note when I'm painting faces in the future.  The above was done with the aid of a mirror, but I think it will be a lot easier if we paint each other's faces as a rule.

I suspect we'll end up with Snazaroo most of the time (because of washing easily), but may use Grimas when we need paint on for a long time. 


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