Jun. 3rd, 2010 09:29 am
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I had a great day out yesterday with Toby and Alex, my nephews.  It seems almost impossible that they are now six and eight respectively.

I'm working on getting them hooked on board games.  I introduced them to simplified versions of Rapidoh and Galaxy Trucker and they greatly enjoyed them.  They both did better at Galaxy Trucker than I expected, picking up the rules on how to connect up the ships remarkably well.  (Sure, I had to help them rearrange loads of pieces, but they were getting a lot correct on their own.)

For some strange reason, a game about building spaceships and flying them through space appealed to two little boys.  Can't imagine why...

Galaxy Trucker is great fun - Henry gave it to Richard and myself as a joint birthday present and we got lots of games in at Silvercon last weekend.

BTW, Silvercon went really well.  We played loads of really good games, the atmosphere relaxed and friendly and we had a great bunch of people.


Nov. 8th, 2006 08:15 pm
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Almost finished packing for Novacon. Will add toothbrush and inhalers tomorrow morning. I'm going via my nephews' carrying a large bag of Brio wooden railway (early Xmas present that would cost a small fortune to mail). I look forward to going down the park with them, pushing swings and playing games in general.

(Note to new readers, because they seem to be a lot of you recently - my nephews are the sons of my late sister Rosalie. She died of cancer a couple of years ago, leaving two pre-school children. Their father, David, has proved to be a fantastic single parent and puts ordinary mortals to shame by never forgetting a birthday on Rosalie's side of the family and making us all feel wonderfully welcome whenever we drop by. The boys are a credit to him and to their mother. Happy, well-adjusted, sociable and generally delightful.)

I've also packed several Tarot decks. Sitting on a con table at Novacon can often by a slow job, so reading Tarot for people helps to pass the time. I recently finished 'Last Call' by Tim Powers which has a plot based around Tarot. He'd done reasonable research, especially on some of the historical Italian decks and the major arcana, but he shot himself in the foot as far as I was concerned when he had the five of diamonds used as a card to predict future wealth. 5 diamonds (or coins/discs) is *always*, in every deck I have ever owned and plenty that I have not, used to represent financial disaster and poverty.

I get annoyed by flawed research, whatever the topic of a book. Bad science can do it. Bad historical research can do it. And, I've now discovered that bad Tarot can do it. (whether you as a writer believe in it or not is irrelevant, the details should still be correct)
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I was pondering this one yesterday, because the answer is very different for different people.

Some people find a sense of security in having posessions, others in people, some in a particular place. Or it may be a combination of several of these.
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It's my nephew's birthday on Sunday. Somehow, that more than anything else brings home to me that it's just over a year since Rosalie died.

She never saw his first birthday.

I want to go and see my nephews. I just need this damn voice to clear up first. It's been a month now and I still can't talk normally.

I have a seashell that a friend gave me when Rosalie died. It's odd, but I find handling it sometimes helps me de-stress a little. It's a lovely thing, and very tactile.


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