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It struck me recently that although I no longer read slash, I miss slash conventions.

I like the people I used to meet there.

I'm also trying to figure why I almost never read slash any more.

1.  Too many sex scenes all seem alike.  I think it was when I was in the early stages of 'Life on Mars' fandom that I got totally fed up of short stories that were nothing but a sex scene.  I wanted PLOT.  It was a series about the police, and I wanted my fiction to actually include a crime and some effort to solve it, as well as the sex scene.

2.  RSI and neck trouble.  It's painful to read large amounts on screen, and I'm no longer willing to fork out money for zines unless I know who the writers are and if I like their work - and in a new fandom that's not the case, always assuming that there actually are zines in the first place.

3.  In many cases, I know that I can write something better than what I'm reading.

4.  Like <lj user=selenak> and  other readers, I get fed up of the idea that if you like pairing A/B, then it's okay to knock character C simply because s/he also gets paired with either A or B.  I generally watch a show because I like all the characters.

5.  I don't always see a slash pairing in shows I like.  eg. I'm watching  a lot of Sharpe at present, but don' t see Sharpe/Harper as a slash pair - hence I've no idea to look for the fanfic.

6.  Not enough time.  I'd rather research the history of morris and mumming! (and read the Sharpe novels at the same time as watching the TV version)

But, I still miss slash cons.  So I'm considering Closet Con - http://www.villagepresszines.co.uk/cc.10.htm - anyone else going?


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