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Redemption approaches once more!

Whaddya mean, it's still seven months away?  That's hardly any time at all.

You know the con must be getting close, because I'm on the scrounge for donations for the charity auction.

Root though those dusty cupboards, reclaim your shelf space!  Dig out all those photos from shows that are no longer your favourites.  Free yourself from that Star Trek chess set, divest yourself of that replica costume that no longer fits you.  Where's that Liberator jigsaw you've had tucked away all these years?  How about those Babylon 5 insignia lurking in a corner?

Maybe you've got a birthday present that you really don't have space for, or a poster that no longer appeals, or more Dr Who novels than will fit on your bookshelves.  While we mostly expect SF memorabilia for the auction, we've had occasional non SF items that have fetched good prices.

So, mail it to me before the convention if you can't be there, or give it to me as early as possible at the convention.  If you can't find me, give it to Richard (the man with the ginger beard) in the dealer's room.  (Early is best.  It takes several hours to sort out all the lots and number them.)

Items that will fetch low sums, such as video tapes, we'll sell at the charity table in the dealers room.  Items likely to fetch more will be sold in the auction.

If you're donating a particularly interesting item, let me know before the convention and we'll try and advertise it in advance.

Thanks as always to those who have donated so many varied items in the past.


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