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'Terry Pratchett - Living with Alzheimer's' 

Wednesday BBC 2 4, 11, February

Part of this documentary was filmed at Discworld.  Myself and several other fans were interviewed for this by the film crew who have been shadowing Pterry for the last year.  Seeing as they spent several hours talking to me, I daresay as much as 20 seconds might make the final cut...



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It's well established (seriously, they've done the research) that one of the things that will reduce your stress levels is to think at the end of each day about five things that you have to be happy about.

So, in an effort to counter all the doom and gloom on much of my flist, here are my personal reasons to be happy today.

1.  After 28 years, I'm still happily married to a cuddly man with a beard who is kind and loving and sexy and a good cook and a dab hand at gardening and DIY and a great person to play board games with and good in bed and just generally nice all round!

2.  I have two amazingly gorgeous sons who have managed to beat all the statistics about how horrible the youth of today are by being intelligent, helpful, kind and loving.

3.  We own the house we live in.  No mortgage to hang around our necks.

4.  We have a garden and an allotment.  Both causes for relaxation and fresh food.

5.  I have lot of books.  Books, my Precious....  We reads them, we does.

Consider this a meme and post your own reasons, no matter how trivial for being happy.

(If I were adding number 6, I would quote from  a Heinlein book that I can't recall properly, which says words to the effect that any world that contains little girls and butterflies cannot possibly be all bad)
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[profile] nhw asked me:  Tell me about your interest in marine conservation, and explain your  poi icon!

The interest in marine conservation is something that has gradually build up over time.


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