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I open my friends page on Liverjournal to find the first five entries are reposts of boring tweets!
My page layout seems to have changed in the last couple of weeks to one I don't like at all.  Is there any way to get back, or is all LJ universally the same now?
It appears that I can't even post this message without linking my facebook account to LJ.  (Ah, it tells me that 'watervole' already exists on LJ, well, yes, that's me. But it still won't allow me to post to my own journal...)
and it only seems to want to post to a community.  I try post post and it tells me I am not a valid community, but it shows no way for me to post to my own journal (this is coming via crosspost from Dreamwidth)
What the Dickens is happening?
I usually post via crosspost from Dreamwidth, so I've no idea how long LJ has changed its posting system.
Maybe this post will appear - I've no idea...

It seems to have linked my Facebook account to LJ, as when I posted a comment in Vera's journal just now, it showed my real name rather than 'watervole'. I have mixed feelings about this.  I don't mind my name being known, it's always been there on my profile page, but I would rather have clearer options.

But basically, how the devil do I make a post on Livejournal?


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