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Can anyone help?

I'm working on a story in which an alien ship is entering the solar system.  The crew have been in relativistic flight from a plant at a convenient plot distance (close to us, but not next door).  The ship is now decelerating (and may have been for a long time).

It can have any drive system that anyone cares to propose as long as it is reasonably plausible.

How far out is it likely to be spotted?  (Consistent with your proposed drive mechanism)

How long would it take to reach Earth orbit from the point where it is spotted?

(For some strange reason, being ill seems to have released the writer's block that I've been plagued with for ages.  Maybe it's because my brain knows it's not quite well enough to work on anything serious - though I do seem to be gaining ground on the email now - and thus it's freed me to write)
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I seem to have passed a thousand words in two days. That's quite impressive given how bad the RSI was. I've been pushing it a bit on the shoulder though. I can feel it twinging now - and the wrist is a touch dodgy. Still, it's nice to be writing again.

The only part of the story that is fixed is that it should contain sex at some point.

Of course, being me, I can't resist adding a plot...

I've been cheerfully researching a variety of bits and pieces and they're all working their way in in one manner or another. That's background, but I think there's a plot there as well. I've just got to the point where my mcguffin is presented.

I guess I'll get around to the sex eventually! The characters are getting on well enough, but they show no desire to leap into bed together yet.
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I signed up at the last moment for the multiverse ficathon. I'm enjoyng doing background research - that's always part of what I enjoy about writing. I've checked on a few character details by watching a relevant episode, but now I'm away doing my own part of the story which allows me to set it wherever I want it. Read more... )
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I'm just hitting a problem that I've hit before. When I write fanfic for a show, no matter what the show or the kind of story, I want to do stories that delve into the background. If I'm doing Blake's 7, I may touch on politics. If I'm doing Stargate, I might write about the tok'ra. If I'm writing about 'Life on Mars' I want to bring in Sam's coma.

And therein lies the danger. The series is still ongoing and may be for quite a long time yet. I write relatively slowly and don't want to write a story that I'll have to rework if the established canon changes. I got caught that way with Stargate. I had to change my plot arc to allow for changes that occurred in the series after I started writing.

There is nothing canonical as yet to say how Sam came to be in 1973. I have one theory; it's probably not the one the script-writers had in mind, but it fits the facts to date as well as any other theory.

What I seem to be writing is a slash story, but I already know that it's as much about Sam's sense of identity as anything else. His background could become a major part of the story if I decide to make it more than a few pages long.

How deeply is it worth me getting involved when canon may come out next season and cut the ground from under my feet?


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