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 Lesson for today: do not give toys to dementia patients.

We were dancing at a family day at a local dementia care home.  I often take some shakers and the like with me now.  I gave a couple to two children who were visiting family and a couple to two of the more alert patients.

I couldn't find one of the maracas afterwards.  The lady I'd given it to had no idea where it was.  One of the staff, wiser than I, asked to look in her handbag.  There it was.

I gather it's quite common behaviour.  Patients often pick up things left around (a  visitor told me she never dared put her purse down) and then 'put them in safe places'.  They mean no harm by it, but they forget afterwards that they ever had the item.

Maypole tip for the day.  People in wheelchairs can easily be pushed around for a Barber's Pole.  (and people with walking difficulties can still sit on a chair for younger people to make a spider's web around them).  One old lady had a wonderful smile on her face.


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