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Nov. 9th, 2013 06:24 pm
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 Sat my exam today for an SIA licence.  (Security Industry Authority).  I'm confident that I'll pass it.  (finished the exam in a third of the time allocated, and that was after double checking all my answers)

Not a career I'd ever have envisioned for myself a year ago, but it does fit nicely with some of my skill set.  Most of the people sitting the exam (and who have been doing the four day course with me) are after work as door supervisors at night clubs.  I'm looking for event stewarding and shop security work.   While I will qualify for night club work, I think I'll leave that to the young men (though they do need women for any work that involves searching people).

I believe I have a reasonably good chance of getting work - I've done a small amount of stewarding work for a local company, but much of the stuff they do requires people with an SIA licence.  They said there was plenty of work if I got the licence, so I hope they were correct.

I'm not after full time work.  I've a lot of experience with events of various kinds, and that's where I'm in my comfort zone.  I relate well to people, and half the job is about people skills.  I'm used to dealing with tricky customer situations.

I fell into this almost by accident.  I simply looked at all the jobs available in a five mile radius, and event stewarding was the first one that came up where I thought 'piece of cake' and applied for it.  I enjoyed the events I've done so far, so decided to risk the cost of paying for the course and the licence.

I'll let you know how it works out.


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