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Ramblings on morris dancing, science fiction, and having an allotment

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Name:Judith Proctor
Birthdate:Oct 15
Judith is old enough to have discovered that few things in life are as bad as they seem at the time.

This was written before I read the Stern report

Now, I know that some things are a lot worse than they seem at the time.

I have one husband, on eson, one daughter, one granddaughter and a handful of nephews and neices.
In spite of my family regularly forgetting my birthday, I love them dearly and have decided, after some consideration, not to trade them in for a dog.

I used to get involved a lot in running conventions. I was chair of Redemption for many years and I was chair of Orbital, the 2008 Eastercon.

I'm a keen conservationist and am seriously worried about what we are doing to our planet.

In March 2007 I started an allotment. Let's see how I fare in my efforts to reduce food miles and get tastier food.

I have early stage Dupuytren's Contacture and am trying to raise people's awareness of a widespread genetic disorder that can affect upto 20% of men with Northern European ancestry. Early treatment can avoid later surgery. See Dupuytren Society

I have a lot of problems with my neck and shoulder which limit the amount of keyboard work I can do. Thus, I don't friend everyone who reads my journal and don't always read everyone that I do friend. I'd like to, but it isn't physically possible.

If you want my address and you're on my friends' list, look at the 'contact me' entry in my memories.

Virtual Gifts - If anyone is ever tempted to donate me a virtual gift, please note that you will give me far more pleasure if you donate the cash to the Marine Conservation Society instead (and tell you've done it, so that you can collect your hug).

Donations to charities (complete with gift aid) can easily be made online by going here

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