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I'm seeing some lovely icons out there.  I'd particularly like one of Captain Pike - can anyone point me at a community where there are icons on offer?
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[livejournal.com profile] queenortart   asked me to talk about these icons:

This is me dancing with my morris side, the Quayside Cloggies.  They're a great bunch and we have a really good band as well.  New dancers always welcome if you live in the Poole/Bournemouth area. 

[personal profile] sallymn  makes some lovely icons and often posts them in her journal for others to use.  I took this one and usually use it for sad or reflective posts.  The flowers seem to indicate mourning to me.
made by [personal profile] kalypso_v - I've been a fan of Hitchkikers for a very long time - since I was a student. Arthur Dent's bewildered approach to the mad galaxy makes a great icon.
Hug by baby sloth - I forget where I originally saw this picture, but it was too cute for words. I use it as an occasional alternative to my other 'hug' icon. It's River from Firefly by [personal profile] kalypso_v  and I usually use it when talking about my math pupils. It usually only appears in friend-locked posts, as it's only courteous to my pupils to not talk about them in public. If you'd like to try the meme, ask me to pick five of your icons for you to explain.

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Since my anonymous benefactor gave me extra userpics, I have space for more icons.  I did some thinking about what I mostly use icons for, and I tend to use them to emphasize what I'm saying in a posting.  So I thought about what kind of things I want to say that I don't currently have icons for.

If anyone is in an icon making mood (or has some suitable ones among their collection), here are my current needs:
Folk music (no words needed, just a pic that expresses it) (maybe a bodhran and a concertina, or something like that)
Thank you
That's beautiful
Get well soon
You're a genius!
"My sons are both taller than me, but I still love the little ratbags" (but in rather fewer words...)
Insatiable curiosity (Elephant's Child)
Loving hug.

Possible fandoms include Dr Who, Blake's 7, Merlin, Stargate, Star Wars, Buffy, Star Trek and various others. But I could also go for some older/odder ones like MASH, Ivor the Engine, etc.  Pictures from attractive photos also make nice icons.


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