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 Having just watched 'Rogue One', which I thought was great, I was greatly struck by one coincidence, which I wondered if it was intentional.

This is Saw Gerrara, maimed, aging rebel, has become more fanatic than the rest of the rebellion, trusts no one (with one exception) even when they have come to offer help..

Image result for Saw Gerrera

Remind you of anyone? 

Image result for blake gauda prime

I kept seeing Gareth's face jumping off the screen at me.

It may be pure coincidence, but  I wonder....
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 Igenlode is a member of the BFI, and just noticed that this month's program includes a showing of "Stocker's Copper" at the National Film Theatre on the South Bank (Saturday 9th July) -- being prominently billed as "starring Gareth Thomas".


Stocker's Copper is well worth seeing.  This is the part that really got Gareth established in TV. 

He plays a Welsh policeman transferred to Cornwall during a clay miners strike.  The script is based on historical events.

As a Welshman, he is naturally  sympathetic to the Cornish miners, but as a policeman in a special unit and proud of his job, he is pulled in two directions.

He is billeted with a  Cornish family and gets very close to them in spite of their initial resentment at having him foisted on them.

As the strike draws on, the situation starts to deteriorate and the mine owners demand action.

This is well written drama, set at in 1913, a time when most people would never travel beyond the area they grew up in.   Communities were close and outsiders viewed with suspicion.

It's one of Gareth's best TV roles, he's young, handsome and working with a really good cast.

Here's the first part on YouTube (and parts 2 and 3 are also on You Tube - the picture quality isn't brilliant, so if you can see if at the NFT, then go for it!)

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I wrote this a long time ago, but  it's still a good song.

If anyone really wants to know the tune, I can sing for you  it once I find out how to fix my camera. 

tune: Cushy Butterfield (Little Polly Perkins of Paddington Green)

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Okay, there's obviously several interested parties.

I've been asked if I can convert to DVD (which would also allow copies for several people without further loss of quality).

I can only do this if someone else can do the converting/copying. I don't have the facility myself (I can't remember now who converted Morgan's Boy for me).

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