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I've just discovered that Richard can't see my most recent LJ posts...

Can other people read them?

There's one on the allotment and slugs, one on a problem with ebay, 'River Song' a partially-locked one on thoughts about money, some photos of clouds, and two last night relating to a book about Margot Fonteyn.

I've made a guess as to what was causing the problem and done something that may/may not have fixed it.

So, have you seen the posts I mention?

Can you see them on your friends list now, or only by going directly to my journal?
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I'm still trying to find the perfect journal layout.

I've a preference for Bloggish and Expressive because of the tag lists.  Bloggish Powell St is nice and straightforward and uncluttered.  In fact, the only thing I don't like about it is that there is no clear visual break between difference people's comments.

A lot of the Expressive options are far too fussy.  The default isn't too bad, though I'm not madly keen on the font.  Again, there's no clear breaks between comments.  However, I quite like the three column layout of Expressive.

Expressive - Book - has a better font, but the tag cloud looks a bit odd and hard to read.

Expressive - Autumn theme cherry - much easier to read and good handling of tags, but I don't like the header.

Expressive Butterflies grey - underlining the orange tags is not a good idea.

Expressive - CAlifornia Poppy  - tag cloud has font problems

Expressive - Carson - not too bad.  Tag cloud is mostly readable and comments by the owner of a journal are boxed when you read the comments.

Expressive - Cityscape London - messy tag cloud with some font sizes.

Aargh!  This is killing my wrists.  What I want is some version of Expressive that has a readable tag cloud and is reasonably plain in general look.  I can't tell what they look like well enough from the theme preview page, so I have to keep viewing my journal through them on another tab and it's not good for me.

I'm going to stick with Bloggish Powell St for today.
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My friends page was displaying too wide this morning, I had to scroll sideways to be able to read it.

It turns out that the cause is one of my friends (I won't say who) posted an entry with a very long link to another page.

I'm told that if you use a link tag (see page below) then this problem will not arise.

how to use link tags


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