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I've still got new stock of a few of my Blake's 7 fanzines.  I've decided that I'd rather like the shelf space back again, so I want to clear them out.

I'm offering a lucky dip (all genzines, all new, mostly A4 in size, all good condition, most stories are not available on the web).  Send me an amount of money for postage and a donation (any amount) for the RSPB via Paypal (judith@waveney.org) and I'll send you as many zines as I can manage for that amount of postage.  (I can tell you the titles if you want to avoid duplicating any zines you already have)

I've also got a lot of second-hand zines - mostly Blake's 7, Classic Trek and Next Generation (and two 'V').  These were all donated to raise money for the Redemption charities, so send me a random amout of P+P, tell me which fandom you want and state your preference for gen/adult/slash (there's more gen than anything else) and add whatever amount you want to give for the Woodland Trust and Asthma UK.

Feel free to post this elsewhere, but do not post it after 11 May 2009.


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