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With the election approaching, it seems only right to formally announce that I will be standing for Ruler of the Universe at the next Redemption Convention.

"Harriet Jones, Ruler of the Universe"

"We know who you are!"

My policies are honesty, integrity and strong defence for Earth against alien invasions of any kind.

Clearly, the best way to prevent aliens invading is to rule the entire universe and bring the benefits of British culture to everyone.  A wider Commonwealth in which all species will be welcome as long as they are peaceful.

I'll be looking for volunteers to help with my campaign.  Members of UNIT and Torchwood are especially welcome, as are people with publicity/organisational skills.  In the interests of full employment and a vibrant economy, we guarantee to find suitable jobs for all volunteers.
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For those who missed the con, here's a link to one of my favourite bits of the cabaret!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx7ON43yhI0

(the joy of good tech is that it looks easy)


Feb. 23rd, 2009 07:02 pm
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This is mostly a brief post to remind myself of all the things I actually want to post about when I'm awake enough to do it properly...

It was fabulous, possibly the best Redemption ever.

The highlights included:  Two superb Drazi leaders (Simon and Helen) who were totally in the spirit of it throughout the entire con and lead their teams with style, panache, creativity and cheating.

The Ruler of the Universe had the best orchestrated campaign I have ever seen and was won by a resounding margin by Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart (you always know a candidate has done well when his vote tally is 150 more than the number of people at the convention).

Rob Shearman is great fun and I will talk about him later.

Kev Sutherland's 'Scottish Falsetto sock puppet theatre' is hilarious and inspired and had the audience creasing themselves with laughter.

The food was really good! Our new hotel did us proud, especially with the £7 evening meal choice.

The hall costumes were the best ever!  So many people in so many great outfits.

And the chaos Liberator in the masquerade and the cabaret with songs and poi and sketches.  The hall was as packed at the end as at the start.

There were good workshops, tech were really well organised, the people were wonderful, I hugged so many people I can't recall them all now.

And I got given flowers in the closing ceremony (I'm retiring from the Redemption committee after 10 years, to concentrate fully on Odyssey 2010) and the audience all got to their feet and started chanting ''Ju-dith' and I almost cried because it was such an amazing moment.
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Who else is planning on performing in the Redemption cabaret?  I already know of at least two other definite acts, and that's just people I've spoken to in the last couple of weeks.

I'm starting to work on a poi routine (but I need to see if my eldest son can splice the exact music I need from my CD as there's a long intro that isn't relevant).

[livejournal.com profile] katlinel  mentioned that she was using a song about the end of the world, so I've decided to try and work out a routine to Tom Leher's song "We'll all go together when we go".  (If that doesn't work right for the timing, then I'll find another song)  It's delightfully tasteless and very funny.

Having learnt a broom dance at the molly workshop I went to, I'm tempted to try that as well.  Ideally, this would need two things (in addition to a broom).  It would need a musician who can play for it - most standard folk dance tunes will work - and someone else to join in.

A broom dance if often competitative in nature. The first dancer does a figure, and the second dancer attempts to copy it.  IF they both get it right, there's the option of speeding up the music...

I'd love to try and get my sons doing this.  They've both got the build to be really good broom dancers (leggy and flexible) and I'm willing to bet they can manage a figure that most broom dancers (including me) wouldn't dare attempt.  And they're very competitive with one another....  Evil grin!

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We're celebrating another guest for Redemption.

People who saw Kev Sutherland in the Edinburgh Fringe were saying: "Please can we have him as a guest at Redemption?"

This was due to his hilarious sock puppet take-offs of shows like Torchwood and Primeval.

Of course -grin - we're bringing you more than just a commedian (though that would be enough in itself)

Kev is also a writer and artist whose  work has appeared in Marvel comics, 2000AD, Dr Who magazine and the Red Dwarf Smegzine.

So, come along and on the Saturday of Redemption you can meet the man who draws the Bash Street Kids in the Beano!
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Redemption approaches once more!

Whaddya mean, it's still seven months away?  That's hardly any time at all.

You know the con must be getting close, because I'm on the scrounge for donations for the charity auction.

Root though those dusty cupboards, reclaim your shelf space!  Dig out all those photos from shows that are no longer your favourites.  Free yourself from that Star Trek chess set, divest yourself of that replica costume that no longer fits you.  Where's that Liberator jigsaw you've had tucked away all these years?  How about those Babylon 5 insignia lurking in a corner?

Maybe you've got a birthday present that you really don't have space for, or a poster that no longer appeals, or more Dr Who novels than will fit on your bookshelves.  While we mostly expect SF memorabilia for the auction, we've had occasional non SF items that have fetched good prices.

So, mail it to me before the convention if you can't be there, or give it to me as early as possible at the convention.  If you can't find me, give it to Richard (the man with the ginger beard) in the dealer's room.  (Early is best.  It takes several hours to sort out all the lots and number them.)

Items that will fetch low sums, such as video tapes, we'll sell at the charity table in the dealers room.  Items likely to fetch more will be sold in the auction.

If you're donating a particularly interesting item, let me know before the convention and we'll try and advertise it in advance.

Thanks as always to those who have donated so many varied items in the past.


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