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[livejournal.com profile] vjezkova , read this and weep!  The poem is perfectly correct English, just evilly uses lots of words that are spelt and pronounced in different ways.  (Thanks to [personal profile] happydisciple  for pointing out the site)

I couldn't read it at my normal speed. My brain kept having to slow down as it encountered too many variant spelling rules all at once.

I suddenly have great sympathy with my half great great uncle Herbert...

I knew only two things about him.  One was that he was a friend of HG Wells and the other that he was a professor of History at University College, Cardiff.

Out of curiosity, I once entered Herbert Bruce and HG Wells into Google - I found this page.  They were both members of the Society for Simplified Spelling - which is where the above poem is to be found.

It's a small world.


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