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 I'm trying to buy some percussion instruments for children, so that we can hand them out to children watching the Morris.
I find a website that has the product I want. I try to order it. I run slap bang wallop into Verified by Visa. It rejects my password. I try the option to create a new password. I run into the usual problem – when it says "input your name as it appears on the card" do they actually mean that?
My card says: Anonymous Morris JEL Proctor
so, do they want me to put in Anonymous Morris, JEL Proctor, or all of the above? By the time I've tried all the permutations, it's logged me out for too many attempts.
I phone the helpline and get the dreaded Indian call centre. All the man there can do is to keep repeating "input your name as it appears on the card". "Yes, but which name?" I ask him. He just repeats the mantra.
I try the site again and this time manage to successfully input JEL Proctor (with spaces around JEL) as my name. I input my password. It tells me I can't have password because I've already used it.
So why the Frak, did it reject that password when I originally tried to use it!!!
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I'm helping organise the cabaret for Constitution (so if you have any cool ideas and want to join in, catch up with me and volunteer).

We're looking for acts: singers, dancers, sketches, etc.

I knew we were probably going to be scrounging for extra people at the con itself, so I decided to take one or two items to assist those who wanted to perform but had no act.

Funny monologues were an obvious step. 

Those of you who know Les Barker will already see where I'm heading.  Those who don't, look here.

So, on Monday, I went looking for copies of his song books.  You can't get them via Amazon or ebay, but they're for sale on Les's web site.  So, I selected a copy of 'The Mrs Ackroyd Occasional Table Book' and prepared to pay with my credit card.

Then I fell foul of Verified by Visa.  I've had endless problems with Verified by Visa. On this occasion it told me my name wasn't on the data base and I should input the correct one, except that there was no box where I could input it....

I gave up, looked for other methods of payment. The page on that topic had a duff link.

Help! I wrote to the 'contact us' address, which looked like it was Les and explained the problem and that I really wanted the book by Friday, as that's when I leave for Constitution.

No problem, he said.  Mail me a cheque, and I'll send the book out right now.

He was as good as his word.  I have the book in my hands now.  Les mailed it on the 28th, before my cheque could possibly have reached him (I mailed it first class on the 28th).  He trusted a total stranger not to rip him off for a book costing £14 including postage.

He's a great guy, very funny on stage and also very funny on his CDs (of which I have several and you can buy your own copies on his web site) 

I notice that his site links to Oxfam Unwrapped and encourages people to shop there as an either/or to CD buying, so I've just donated a fiver to Oxfam as a way of saying 'Thanks, Les'.


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