Mar. 21st, 2009 04:48 pm
watervole: (allotment)
Planted the early potatoes today.  We've had some clear plastic sheeting over the ground for a couple of weeks to warm the soil, and we'll leave it there until the shoots emerge.

The early varieties we're trying this year are: Epicure and Foremost.

Next year, I may try and grow 'Sante'.  We got some from Riverford, our organic veg box supplier, and they had a lovely flavour.

Mind you, you can grow pretty much anything.  My mother-in-law gets excellent results from her seed potatoes.  The 'variety'?  Tesco Value!

Also went down the riding stables and carted away more sackloads of manure.  They love us - I've discovered why now.  It costs an absolute fortune if they have to pay someone to remove it.  If you have a local riding stable, ask if they'd like you to help yourself to manure - they may well say 'Yes please!".


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