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 For those asked what a serpent sounds like, here's a link to Simon Proctor's Serpent Concerto 

The woodwind and piano music on the same page come from his 'Sounds of Kent' CD, of which I have copies for sale...
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 My brother-in-law, Simon Proctor, is professional composer who specialises in unusual instruments.

I once did a piece of embroidery with a
serpent because Simon composed a concerto for serpents, otherwise I'd probably never have known such an instrument existed.

Simon Proctor likes a challenge.  He's composed for everything from glass harmonica

to tuba

 Any commission for any instrument welcome, especially the more unusual or unconventional. Each piece is very carefully researched to ensure it suits the instruments and players concerned. His aim is always to produce music which is melodious, harmonious and appealing. 
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I'm after bright ideas.

I've got a batch of my brother-in-law's CDs.

Simon Proctor is a professional composer and music teacher.

However,  he and his brother are chalk and cheese in some regards.   Richard doesn't do music; Simon doesn't do computers. (though they both have a sharp eye for Scrabble tactics - Simon used to compete at the national level and can get double my score even when he's out of practice.)

However, not being a computer person, he's not Internet savvy - I don't think he even has email.  (it's one of those brother things...)  Thus, as you'll note from his Wikipedia entry, he has two CDs available, but they aren't for sale on the Internet.

Which isn't exactly good for sales...

He used to sell plenty at concerts, but he spends more time teaching/composing than performing these days, so we've several boxes of CDs still to be sold.  One is piano music and the other woodwind.  The series title is 'Sounds of Kent'.

Now, the catch is that I'm not much of a music person.  Folk, I understand, but piano and woodwind are not my area of expertise.  I listen to the music; I enjoy it; but I haven't the first idea where on the web to flog it.

I looked at Amazon, but you can only sell stuff there if it's already on Amazon's catalogue.  If it isn't, you have to pay a monthly fee that is pretty high given that I don't expect to sell many simply due to Simon's non-existent Internet presence.

So, any ideas for a practical way of selling them?  (I don't want to set up a special web site, that involves more time and effort than I have available)

Just as a way of generating interest/getting the word out, I'll happily sell the pair of CDs for a tenner including postage to anyone who promises to write a review on their LJ afterwards.  (and I'll refund your tenner if you give them a negative review, so you can't really lose!).   They'd normally be a tenner each, so excellent value for money.


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