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Those who saw my earlier posting about the effect of bid retractions on ebay   (if you bid £10, maximum bid £20 and someone else bids £25 and then drops out, YOUR BID IS INCREASED TO £20 even if there are no other bids on the item)

I queried ebay about this.  Their first reply was a standard one that didn't even bother to read my email (just bunged back a standard answer on how to bid).  Their second reply was clearly more concerned that I had cancelled my bid in protest at their mechanics rather than any concern that people bidding for valuable items could be duped in this way.

However, it did also list when you are allowed to cancel a bid, so read carefully if you are worried about this particular problem. 


Oct. 20th, 2005 04:21 pm
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Me and my scammer have cheerfully left each other negative feedback. Thanks to previous comments from [livejournal.com profile] alex_holden I was pretty well expecting his next step.

Message from seller:
We only seek for a amicably transaction on ebay. eBay only allow us 1 time to remove. Pls consider. Thanking you in advance.

He wants us to mutually withdraw feedback. Yeah, When hell freezes over.

I reckon negative feedback hurts him a lot more than it hurts me. My feedback explicitly mentions his insurance scam, so anyone checking will see that upfront with my advice to withhold payment. Sure, it'll vanish quickly off the front page, but it may cost him a few sales en route.

In the interim, I've just posted a pair of size 6 football boots for sale. Let's see if my luck is any better when selling...


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