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It's a personal decision as to whether you use slug pellets or not. 

I don't, but that's my choice and I won't expect you all to follow it.

However, if you do use them, don't make the mistake that the new guy on the allotment just did.

Do NOT use too many.

Use them at the recommended rate - as they are LESS effective if you use too many.  (if the smell/taste is too strong, the slugs don't eat them)

See here for more information on slug pellets and the best time to apply them.  Remember the risk to pets and wildlife.

If your young runner beans are getting eaten, try this trick. Take a plastic drink bottle and cut off the top and bottom to leave yourself with a clear plastic collar about six inches high.  Place this around the seedling and push at least an inch down into the soil. Sometimes, this is enough to deter the little blighters all on its own, but if it isn't, drop ONE slug pellet inside.


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