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A discussion by the Political Studies Association with no party bias on AV looks at all the points on both sides (thanks Nwhyte and Communicator)

It's very even and I found it an interesting read.

It also cleared up a point that I'd been misled on.  If you want to vote in the traditional FPTP in an AV world, you can just list your first preference on the ballot paper and leave it at that.  You don't have to list further preferences unless you want to.  (In Australia, I believe you have to list them all in order, but that's not the way the UK will be doing it)

I'll be voting for AV, though the study makes it clear that AV is not actually going to make any dramatic changes to our political landscape.

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I found Corvus Corax while browsing around Facebook.  I forget which of my friends was part of a fan community, but I was curious (I can't resist a Latin name, and there was a mention of half-naked men with bagpipes)

The music is just amazing.  It's like a pagan processional.  They're singing in a mixture of German and Latin and there's a very medieval feel to it all. 

A quick look at Wikipedia says that they tried to research how old music would have been and they use apropriate instruments and the like.

Broad hint to family - a CD of one of their live concerts would be a very acceptable Xmas present.  (there is an English language web site with a shop)
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If you like optical illusions, try this page.  I especially recommend the one labelled 'The Eclipse of Mars'  - I don't know how it works (though I suspect it involves opposite colours), but it gives an impressive display of cyan.
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This site one that has me torn between horror and admiration.  To destroy a book is sacrilege, but results are amazingly artistic...


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