Oct. 4th, 2007 09:26 am
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I almost never do petitions as I consider them mostly a waste of time, but [personal profile] purpletigron posted a link to one that exactly matches a lot of recent concerns of mine.  So, I've actually signed it...

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to recognize that, while some bio-fuels may have environmental benefits, the types of bio-fuel production being promoted by current policies are mainly environmentally damaging and are also threatening the food security of millions.

"We call on the PM to recognize that current EU and UK policy on bio-fuels:

1) Is largely encouraging bio-fuels that cause more emissions than they save;

2) Is leading to accelerated destruction of valuable habitat, such as tropical forest, with consequent loss of biodiversity and displacement of people;

3) Is already driving up food prices and will ultimately threaten many with starvation.

In the light of this, we call on the PM:

1) To scrap UK targets for bio-fuel substitution and to seek withdrawal of EU targets;

2) To target support for bio-fuels at fuels produced from waste, or from non-agricultural/forestry sources and to stop all support for bio-fuels that are not from these sources.

3) To link levels of support to levels of CO2 emission savings;

4) To ban the production/import of bio-fuels and bio-fuel feedstock, where their production is associated, directly, or indirectly, with habitat destruction, or with greater CO2 emissions than from fossil fuels."


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