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It's that time of year again!

The time when a number of my cheerfully insane friends come along to Dorset and spend a summer afternoon shooting at one another in dark caves on the beautiful Purbeck coast.

You are invited to the annual supersoaker fight in Winspit quarry (caves) on Sat 15 August.

Meet 12 noon at Wareham station in Dorset.

Tell me what means of transport you will be using. Car lifts from station to quarry will be provided for people arriving by train.

Bring a pack lunch and drink, supersoaker, water containers for spare ammunition (plastic milk bottles are quite good), dark clothing, spare t-shirt and good shoes/boots for running on uneven ground in the dark.

Crash space is provided for anyone wishing to stay overnight and we have a large supply of board games (and poi).

The closest station to our house is Poole, but a return to Wareham will go through Poole.

You know you'll enjoy it, because lots of you have in the past!

Let me know if you're coming, remember that if you're coming by car you need to add half an hour to your estimated travel time to allow for the slow traffic on sunny days into the Isle of Purbeck.

Could someone in ZZ9 please post this to the bounce.
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If you are reading this, then you are welcome to come along.

The annual Winspit super-soaker fight will take place on Saturday 15th August.

Prepare to get soaked, laugh a lot, enjoy the fantastic view over the sea, and have a great time with fellow fans.

Meet at Wareham station at 12 noon; bring a pack lunch, a dry t-shirt to change into, sturdy footwear (for running around caves in), a super-soaker (painting it black is useful, though not essential), a container to carry water, and a towel!

Lifts can be provided from the station.  Just let me, Judith Proctor,(Judith@waveney.org) know you are coming and I'll pair up people with cars with people needing a lift.  You can also phone my mobile  - 07759 784901

Remember that it takes longer to drive into Wareham than you might think - there's one road that gets seriously overloaded on sunny summer days and you need to allow at least half an hour extra for the journey.

The odds are high that we'll meet up somewhere afterwards for gossip, gaming, whatever.  Crash space can be found for people coming from outside the local area if they want to stay overnight.
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Our latest Redemption member just signed up. 

In the box asking "How did you hear about Redemption?" she wrote: "Judith held a gun to my head!"

It was only a supersoaker, your Honour!

From which you may deduce that the supersoaker fight on Saturday went well.

In spite of the rain, eight brave souls, including two hardy spirits from the Tolkien Society, headed down to the quarries.  It was often dryer in the caves than out of them, but the worst of the rain held off for three or four hours and much running around and soaking was achieved.

[personal profile] cu_sith won the award for wettest fan of the day, although it was a pretty close call!

[profile] wildfyre , remind me to sign up for the Tolkien Society at Redemption.
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The annual Winspit quarry super-soaker fight is this Saturday.

Spend a sunny summer afternoon with a fantastic view of the sea while running in and out of dark caves and shooting your friends in the glorious Dorset countryside.

Who could ask for more?

All fans (regardless of what you're a fan of) are welcome.  You can be a fan of anything from Red Dwarf to Iain Banks.

Bring a supersoaker, sturdy footwear, dark clothing (well, you can wear light clothing, but we'll all happily shoot you as we spot you in the dark!), a picnic lunch, a container for carrying water, and a towel/dry t-shirt to change into afterwards)

Meet at Wareham station at 12 noon.  (It's in Dorset)

If you're driving, allow half an hour more than you think you'll need.  The roads get clogged on sunny summer days.

We can provide a lift if you're coming by train - just let us know how many people need transport. 

If you're going to be late -- caught in a traffic jam or delayed train or whatever, then give my mobile a ring and let me know.  07759 784901

There's an optional gaming session afterwards in the evening, and crash space is available overnight.

It's always a blast (which is why we've been doing it for the last 15 years or so).  Come along and join in the fun!
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It's coming up to that time of year again!

If you're reading this, then you're invited to the annual fannish supersoaker fight in Winspit quarry on the 9th of August.

This involves lots of water, a dry t-shirt to wear afterwards, a supersoaker, a towel (especially if you're a Hitchhikers fan), a picnic lunch, lots of laughs and running around in dark caves shooting at your friends.

The meeting starts at Wareham station in Dorset at 12 noon.  (This is so that those arriving by car can give lifts to those arriving by train)  We generally finish around 4pm, though that's a pretty rough guideline and depends entirely on how we all feel at the time and how wet people are!

Remember that sunny August weather leads to a long tail back of traffic in this part of the world.  Allow at least an extra half hour to what you think the journey will require by car, and also remember that trains don't get caught in the traffic jam...

Let me know you're coming so that you don't get left behind!  (last minute sign ups are fine, just so long as you let me know)

Bring a pack lunch, a supersoaker, a container(or two) to carry water, sensible shoes/boots (as the ground is uneven and rocky in the dark) and possibly a camera for the glorious scenery as you look out over the sea.

You're more than welcome to crash at our place afterwards, especially if you fancy some gaming.

Share and Enjoy! o


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