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Q is for Quantum

"Events are discrete in nature. Either I go on holiday to Peru or I don't."
Carter's voice was kinda soothing when she was in monologue mode.
"Fascinating mummies in Peru," Daniel chipped in.
"If you're into dead children," Jack said, leaning back in his chair.
Daniel stared at him with amazement. "You read my paper!"
Jack blinked rapidly. "Saw it on the Discovery channel."
"If I go to Peru," Carter continued firmly, "then that is a discrete event."
"What necessity makes you require secrecy?"
"Why do you need to be discreet?"
"Discrete, Teal'c." Jack drawled. "Means 'separate'. Carter's saying that something like a photon either is or isn't. You can't have half a photon. Quantum theory really pisses off people who think in terms of light waves."
"You read my article?"
"It's amazing what you can learn from the back of cereal packets."
And Carter was off again, explaing how the Quantum Mirror could only show an Aleph-naught number of infinite universes, because each universe was created by a decision made by an individual and the number of decisions was an integer not a real number.
Maybe, somewhere, there was an alternate universe where Jack O'Neill didn't find this stuff fascinating.
He yawned. "Time to call it a night, kids. Think I might do a little star-gazing before I go to bed." Half an hour's observation, then he might complete that article for 'Astronomy Monthy.' Under a pseudonym, of course.
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 I don't read a lot of fanfic, mainly because there is so much poor stuff and I'm too lazy to sift through it all to find the good ones, but I do tend to follow up recs by friends here and to try stuff written by friends.

I've just been reading Elisi's novel 'Dating the Cleverest Boy in the World'  

An excellent read, a Dr Who novel, but relying almost entirely on well written original characters, who interact occasionally with the Master, Lucy Saxon, tenth Doctor and Jack Harkness.

It's a novel that looks at relationships between mortals and immortals, between human and non-human and asks what it's ethical to reveal/conceal.

The basic premise is an AU where the Master and Lucy Saxon had a son.  The boy grows up with both the Doctor and the Master as major influences in his life, trying to balance their conflicting ethics and their expectations of him. 

When he finally enters a romantic relationship with a human woman, he gets caught in the trap of how much to tell her about himself.

It's a novel that avoids quick, easy answers, and one that allows the characters to grow and develop in a believable manner. 

This is a gen novel.  Characters have sex (both gay and straight), but there are no explicit scenes. 

When it comes to sex, this is the way I prefer it.

(In days gone by, I sometimes skipped plot to get to the sex. Now, I skip sex to get to the plot.  There are more original plots than there are original sex scenes. )

The breakdown between chapters is well-balanced. Each is a distinct scene, but contributes to the overall storyline.  Made it very easy to read one or two chapters a day.

Definitely recommended.

Fic Rec

Jun. 27th, 2014 01:52 pm
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 This one is a Harry Potter fic, but it would work almost as well if you'd never read Harry Potter.  It's just a beautifully written short story.  (There's a passing hint of slash,  but I think Kerravonsen would enjoy this)

It's a story with many possible interpretations (there are later stories in the series that might clarify or might not), but I know I got something different from it each time I read it. And this is a good thing, not a bad one.

The language is beautifully written (owes some inspiration to 'Singing the Fishing') and the descriptive text is also lovely.

There are hints of loss, redemption, sacrifice, read it how you will.

Even if it's not your fandom, try Ships that Pass.
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 Via ParanoidAngel - a must read for anyone who wants a comedy story based around the disputes over Richard III's remains.
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Absolutely delightful short story about John and Sherlock talking over breakfast.

It's another AJHall story, but this one is funny as well as well-written.  I was giggling most of the way through.

I think this is a very rare case of a slash story that might work for people who don't like slash  (no actual sex, Sherlock is asexual).

The pretentious restaurant review is a particular delight.

I can see why this story has over 1,100 kudos on AO3.

I suspect many of my friends have already read it, but if you haven't, give it a try
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 This is one that Kerravonsen recommended to me.  A Stargate/Highlander crossover.  Gen.  It's a well-written tale with an excellent starting point.  O'Neill got cloned as a teenager in one episode and the clone survived and went back to high school.

There, Jake O'Neill meets a teacher who tells him that his general knowledge is wrong for his age and gives him some tips on how to blend in when you aren't the mental age to match the way your body looks.  

His advisor is an immortal - Methos.

The thing I really like about this story is that it takes both sides of Methos's character: the quiet bookish young man and the ruthless Horseman, and writes a tale that denies neither.  (I dislike stories that whitewash or wimp him)

The plot finds its feet after a few chapters and develops in a really good direction.

As you can probably tell, I'm making good progress on stories people pointed me at.
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 Just found a nice little fic by AJ Hall.

It's only a short story, but it manages to cross three fandoms I like: Torchwood, Wimsey and Inklings (Tolkien)

The thing that totally sells it is the character voices.  If you know your Lord Peter Wimsey, then you will recognise characters before they are actually introduced.  (And, as there should be, there are lots of throwaway literary and poetical references, some of which I can identify and some of which I don't recognise but am sure are genuine.)

And there's a lovely little twist that is so perfect that it makes me cry out: "I love this idea -I want to read more about it!"  (though I doubt I'll ever see it.)

Another story to love is The Affair of the Asphyxiated Acafan, I have slight quibbles with one aspect of the ending, but overall it's brilliant.  The murder victim, even when dead, is an excellent original character who has that knack of reminding you of several people you know.  Sarah (John Watson's girlfriend in some episodes) is extremely well written, intelligent and insightful.  Harry, John's sister, also shines with a well-developed personality.  When writers slash a couple (Hall has written John/Sherlock stories as well, which I'm looking forward to reading) they often tend to diss or simply ignore the canonical het pairings. I'm delighted to say this is not the case here.  John and Sarah have a strong relationship and a good understanding of each other.

The murder plot has some nicely thought out details and is complex enough to feel like a TV episode.  Sherlock himself is sharp as a razor and picks out lots of details (but I like it that Sarah works out a few things for herself).

(Thanks katlinel for introducing me to this particular writer)

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 Katlinel recommended Rigging screws, 1 3/8, galvanised to me. Having read it, I agree, it's excellent!

A Sherlock (TV) story, it's a believable case fic, with dialogue that feels spot on and Sherlock's brain on over-drive.  

It also has a really well-written original character - an intelligent middle-aged woman with an interest in sailing.  I know nothing about sailing, but the detail felt correct - I'm pretty sure the writer knows how to sail, or has a close friend who does.

The story grabbed me right from the start with a teaser involving metal corrosion - real science too!

I'm happily moving onto another rec.
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 It's too hot to do anything, so I'm looking for random fanfic.

I wish to God there was a tag for 'writing for a fandom set in my own country'.

There are non-natives who can pull it off  -I've met some - but so many make gaffes that jar on a native.

I've just tried two highly rated Merlin fanfics and dropped out of them both in minutes.

Are there any British people who really don't know that Buckingham Palace is at the end of Pall Mall?

When do you see anyone in present-day London wearing a twin set and pearls? 

I remember my American beta reader laughing her head of at my gaffes when writing Stargate - but at least I made sure I HAD and American beta reader.

Anyone care to rec me good stories with plots in any of the following:

Sharpe, Merlin, Arthurian legends, LOTR, Avengers, Lois and Clarke, MASH, anything involving the British Navy, Stargate SG-1, anything you think I might like, SF shows in general.  I may even try shows I don't know if the tale is really good, but it would have to be excellent and not going on endlessly about how wonderful two people think the other is.

I don't care if it has sex or not or what the pairings are.  What I'm after is a good story that has a strong plot, that has depth in the background, feels like the author really knows the universe and fits the culture it is written for.

My only requirement is that it isn't too dystopian. There are times when I like bleak, downbeat fic, but not today.   That's not saying I want fluffy, or all sweetness and light, not even that I forbid character deaths - I just don't want to go too far downhill.
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 I've just finished reading a truly excellent fan novel on AO3.

Sharpe's Dragon is a crossover between the worlds of Sharpe and Temeraire, but I think people who are only familiar with Sharpe will still enjoy it.  

Take the Naoleonic Wars and add an aerial corps of dragons.

Take Moncey, a bit of a riff-raff among dragons, a small, ex-feral, independent minded and occasionally lonely dragon who happens to run into the South Essex while warning them of an attack.  Give him a slowly developing friendship with a man who is a bit of a riff-raff among officers, slightly feral and independent minded....

It's slow paced, with excellent historical detail and true to all the characters.

HIghly recommended.
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 What I like about this story is that it would still work if you'd never read Harry Potter.

It's got some lovely historical details that are all correct.

This is set around the (real historical event) theft of the football world cup.
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I'm starting to upload some of my old Stargate fiction onto An Archive of our Own. It was already online, but in a place where most fans were unlikely to find it.

Seems to have been a good decision.  I only uploaded the first two yesterday and already someone's left kudos on 'The Moons of Endymion'.  I was getting no feedback at all before.  Nice to know that at least one reader appreciates that you can have love without sex.  (I'm quite happy writing lots of sex, but sometimes it's called for and sometimes it's wrong for the story.)

I'm hoping that feedback will give me the impetus I need to get back to finishing my final Stargate novel.  (I'm also investigating Scrivener as a possible tool to help me organise all my notes for it.) 
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 Via SelenaK, a delightfully amusing story about the names of Harry's children.
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Someone is trying to scam me - and if they're trying it on me, then they're probably trying it on other fan writers as well.

I was contacted by someone who said they wanted to make an audio CD of my B7/Morgan's Boy novel   'Morgan'

I assume the scam part would cut in when they 'run out of money to pay the actors'.

I'm beginning to wonder just how stupid they think I am....  They  had the courtesy to pick one of my best pieces of writing to try with, but that may have been random chance.  Or they may have tried me because I advertise some cast audios on my web site.

If you want to read the correspondence and see why I'm convinced it's a scam, see below the cut.

Read more... )

On 19/02/2011 20:54, volcanoproductions@mail.com wrote:
The changes we intend to make will basically be the names of characters
that appear in /Blake's 7/ and /Morgan's Boy/, update the year it takes
place in(?), things like that.

I agree that you'd need to change the year to the present day.  Farming issues haven't changed much.  Hill farmers are still hard pressed to break even.  Suicide rates remain high.

 Do you wish to have a hand in deciding
what names the characters are changed to? We won't change the plot of
/Morgan/, because it's exactly what we want!

The target audience? Some of the cast members who are keen to get
involved are minor celebrities (one of them has the sixteenth or so most
viewed account on YouTube) and would very probably promote something
they're in as they are getting paid for it. Not only that, /Blake's 7/
stars such as Paul Darrow and Jacqueline Pearce are people who are
regular participants of our productions. Kevin McNally, Sarah Berger,
Nabil Shaban, Kate O'Mara, Terry Molloy and Adam Blackwoodare stars who
we also could, er, coax into taking part.

I can't find anything when I Google for you.  I tried looking for 'Volcano Productions' and 'Paul Darrow' and got zero results.

Can you show me something that you've already done with Paul Darrow or Jacqueline Pearce.  That would help give me a feel for what you're doing.

It would be logical to try for Gareth Thomas.  He read the book and loved it.  He can play the slow-voiced Welsh farmer to perfection.

As with the audios themselves, we were thinking of breaking the original
/Morgan/ story into three parts, and then releasing further parts (in
blocks of three) written by different authors.

What do you think?

How would you progress the story in later episodes?  How do you see the characters developing?


-- ------------------
Very, very sorry for the very late reply. There have been a lot of busy things thrown up this week back in the social world of life.

Have added as attachments scans of some of the early drafts of the covers for a co-production, with BBC Audiobooks, the talking books of several of Isaac Asimov's Foundation
novels recorded and organized by us back in 2004. You would be able to find them on the BBC Shop website, but three of them have sold out, including the Jackie Pearce one. We could send audio snippets, if you wish.

We thought that, if you want, you could write maybe a one hundred word outline for Story Four, Five and Six, that we can abide by and so we know that we aren't doing anything with the characters that you wouldn't want. We could send these outlines to the three authors we eventually select for the second 'set' of original stories.

Authors we have in mind for the second series, as it were, are Val Westall, Lillian Sheperd and Neil Faulkner.

Also, in the Morgan introduction page on the Hermit website, you mention Ruth Saunders, Louise Rutter and Tom Forsyth as well as your husband Richard. Would any of them be interested in writing for the series?

Thanks for your time,
Volcano Productions



I had you down as a 95% probability of being a scam.  The only reason I reply to is that lingering 5% chance of you being for real.

The BBC adaptation of Foundation was originally produced in 1973 and rebroadcast in 2003.  (and Amazon has free audio clips, which presumably are the same ones you would have sent me...)

So it certainly wasn't you that produced it.

For the record, Val Westall is an artist, not a writer.  Lil Sheperd is an excellent writer, but would be unlikely to return to B7 based characters after this length of time.  Neil Faulkner is a good writer, but his style would not suit this series. (because he writes techno-punk and Morgan is set in rural Wales)

And the mere fact that you're suggesting Neil shows that you haven't actually read any of his stuff.  Proposing to use writers you know nothing about does not exactly make you sound very convincing.

You're now down to a 1% probability of being for real.

If you're going to try and con me, you could at least do your research a bit better! I'm not even convinced that you've actually read 'Morgan'.



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I've just got to the end of Rhaegal's 'Evolution' and have to recommend it as an excellent story.  (As long as you enjoy Kirk/Spock slash)

It's a novel length story, where each chapter is pretty much a self contained 'episode' but the episodes link together into a unified plot. (and some of the episodes are a nice tip of the hat to episodes in the original series)

And it's got science!  Real science!  I love it when scientists write fanfic.  You can visualise the author watching the movie and jumping up and down shouting "No, that won't work!"  (I know, because I do it myself when my areas of science are done wrong).

So, here's an astrophysicist writing fanfic and sorting out a proper explanation for the supernova in the new Trek movie - and getting a plot built around it.

It's also got a deeply satisfying Kirk/Spock relationship that is allowed to develop over time - and a good running joke about Kirk's shirt getting ripped all the time (shades of Galaxyquest!).

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Thanks (I think...) to [livejournal.com profile] dmwcarol for linking to this tale.

Only read this if you are well away from work, small children, nervous relatives, and are not offended by sex scenes involving giant squid.

If you can manage all that, then you may possibly collapse laughing when you read this!
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A quiet gentle story about Cameca and the Doctor reaching the end of his first life.
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For Babylon 5 fans, here's the best story about Timov that I've ever read. the relationship between Timov and Londo is perfectly drawn.  (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] selenak for reccing it to me.)
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I really enjoyed this short story about Ian and Barbara.


Jul. 20th, 2009 09:11 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] selenak just recommended this lovely Harry Potter story.  A wonderful slow story about an often neglected character.
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A quiet, sad Star Trek fic that would probably work even for people who haven't seen the film.  I picked it out of the mass of stories purely because the title comes from a Stan Rogers' song, but the story is quality.

(It reminds me very strongly of an SF story I read once.  I can remember neither author nor the title - which is really annoying - but the overall feel is very similar.  The story I recall has a wedding dress in it, which should be sufficient information for anyone else who has read it to tell me what I'm remembering...)
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I asked for fic recs...

Here's an absolutely fabulous one that [livejournal.com profile] kerravonsen recommended to me.

Imagine Jeeves and Wooster on the Tardis, with perfect dialogue - you can hear the voices in your head!

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This is a lovely little story and I really like the way the Sandman characters have been used.  They feel right.
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For those who haven't already seen the link on Selenak's page, here's an excellent story about Gailla, Uhura and culture clashes.

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As promised, a short story.  It's a Buffy-Stargate crossover.


Sep. 8th, 2008 08:54 am
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A wonderful Torchwood short story, suitable for all readers.

The kind that makes me wish I'd written it.

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Many of you will already have read this via [personal profile] selenak 's link, but I wholeheartedly recommend it to those who have not.

It's a Torchwood Narnia crossover from Susan's veiwpoint. I love the way it deals with Susan's memories of Narnia and how that made her want something more from her life.


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