Oct. 19th, 2007 09:26 am
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One of my favourites from the new crop of pics from [profile] ihasatardis

Spoilers for most recent series of Dr Who and won't make sense if you've never seen Life on Mars
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I'm just hitting a problem that I've hit before. When I write fanfic for a show, no matter what the show or the kind of story, I want to do stories that delve into the background. If I'm doing Blake's 7, I may touch on politics. If I'm doing Stargate, I might write about the tok'ra. If I'm writing about 'Life on Mars' I want to bring in Sam's coma.

And therein lies the danger. The series is still ongoing and may be for quite a long time yet. I write relatively slowly and don't want to write a story that I'll have to rework if the established canon changes. I got caught that way with Stargate. I had to change my plot arc to allow for changes that occurred in the series after I started writing.

There is nothing canonical as yet to say how Sam came to be in 1973. I have one theory; it's probably not the one the script-writers had in mind, but it fits the facts to date as well as any other theory.

What I seem to be writing is a slash story, but I already know that it's as much about Sam's sense of identity as anything else. His background could become a major part of the story if I decide to make it more than a few pages long.

How deeply is it worth me getting involved when canon may come out next season and cut the ground from under my feet?


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