Jan. 9th, 2009

watervole: (And how has your day been?)
I've now been along to three meetings wearing my new hat as a unit helper for the local guides.

I've enjoyed it. They're a nice bunch of girls and I like the guiders.  In addition, they really need my help.  One of the guiders is at retirement age and really wants a break.  I'm bringing in new ideas and new energy.

The only draw-back is turning out to be a big one.  The hut smells very musty. I've had to use my inhaler every time I've been there, but last night I woke at 5am with a really severe asthma attack, my worst since the last time I was exposed to fireworks.  I had to go downstairs and take far more medication than is really a good idea and read a book until I was finally able to go back to bed half an hour later.  The asthma is finally starting to stabilise again, but it's been dodgy all day.

If this happens again (I may be able to prevent it by taking a double dose of salmeterol on Thursdays) then I'll have to give up helping with Guides.


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