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Judith Proctor ([personal profile] watervole) wrote2017-07-29 01:09 pm

Embroidery mottos

 So many great suggestions!

Some favourites:

Desire is the root of all suffering, Roots on the other hand...  (A very strong contender)

Plant happiness   (Love it, but too short for the space)

Wander, ponder and weed - (has a certain charm)

Garden as though you will live forever - I like this one as well.

Still trying to choose between those four...

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[personal profile] aerinha 2017-07-29 02:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I like the third and the fourth, but the third is my favorite, I think!
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[personal profile] raspberryfool 2017-08-25 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
I quite like "Wander, ponder and weed", though it kind-of reminds me of Bill and Ben... ;)
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