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DR Who finale

 That was one hell of an episode.   Emotionally draining.

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I'm so glad that for the most part Moffat got out of his own way and allowed the story to work.

And we've got a humdinger of a premise for the Christmas Special.
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I noted that as the Tardis landed at the end, the Cloister Bell was ringing. That usually indicates that something is going badly wrong with time (e.g. the causality violation in 'The Sound of Drums' / 'Last of the Time Lords'.)

As far as I know, the only time we saw the First Doctor in a snowscape was at the South Pole in The Tenth Planet, so presumably that's where the current Doctor has ended up.

I'm wondering if it's going to turn out that the events of the last two episodes have somehow disrupted the timeline as regards Mondas and so set up a paradox affecting the First Doctor.

Well, that's my theory. I suppose we'll find out in six months.
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I did think poor Bill was set up to be nothing but a sacrificial victim to Moffat's love of angst. The wet gf was a plot device to undo everything again and turned from dangerous (and the doctor all protective about it) to all lovey dovey and helpful. She would have been a useful ally to have in the earilier stories and is a bit deus ex machina turning back up like that all,of a sudden. Being Moffat it's almost deus ex Mycroft actually :-) I also notice that Bill, like Clara, got a exit with a powerful alien friend and an elbow in (or is it out?) to carry on exploring time and space. Moffat has created a lot of loose characters left to fly around untethered.
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I think by the end of ep 1 water girl had been established as very much not dangerous, and loving Bill. Since then she seems to have remembered and become herself. I wonder how she tracked Bill through time and space though. My theory is a drop of her on the TARDIS.
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Certainly was!