Sep. 25th, 2007

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I cannot now buy a train ticket online without having to register my debit card with a new validation scheme from Visa.  Of course, allowing me to use my pin number as the password would be too rational and easy.

It has to be a mixed alphanumberic string at least six characters long.

And I had a letter in the post today from Alliance and Leicester business banking (whose online system is so secure that I get logged out every other time I use it because I've typed in a password character incorrectly while trying to recall if 7 is the 6th digit or the 7th one of my magic number)  THey're going to be adding an extra level of security.   Extra?  I already have to put in a company ID, a log on ID, and not one, but two, long complicated passwords.

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I'm reposting this as we're getting closer to the date and I know a couple of people missed the original posting.  We've got several people down as definites now, and a large number of 'maybe's.

We're not quite sure what number this particular Silvercon should be as the numbering method is rather eclectic, but we feel 3.something is about right, so the next one will be Silvercon pi.

This event is being held to celebrate the Silver Wedding (plus a few bonus years and months) of myself and Waveney.  It's also the first weekend after my nth birthday.

Everyone reading this journal is invited (you don't have to be on my friends list).

The date is 19-21 October 2007.  The place is our house in Dorset (address available on request if you don't already know it - you can get there by bus from Poole station).  The aim is to do as much gaming and general socialising as possible.  The price is a fiver which you can give us when you arrive (this includes free floor space and all food for the weekend).

The first few people to arrive get the limited number of spare beds (but anyone with back/knee/whatever problems that benefit from a bed can put in a request to have a bad saved for them) - after that it's floor space.  We have a fair number of sleeping bags for people who can't bring their own - just ask in advance to be sure we have enough.

Let us know if you want to come!

You can make up your mind at pretty much the last minute if necessary, but we need a rough idea for catering purposes.  Tell us if you have any particular food problems (at least half the food will be vegetarian, so don't worry on that score).

The last few events have been great fun.  Come along and enjoy the next one!


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