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GCSE results out today.

Just got a really happy call from the mother of one of my pupils who got a B in maths.

Lovely lad. Hadn't managed to follow algebra at school, but did just fine when we went back to basics and built it up in steps. He worked really hard and I'm so pleased for him.

I'm smiling all over my face!
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(I was going to write a con report for concussion, but I'm still too sleepy from a bug Henry and I have been down with for the last couple of days)

This isn't the calculator rant that you might expect...

Sure, I'm all for mental arithmetic and I try and teach my pupils to use it before they reach for the calculator (they NEED to learn how to estimate to know if they have a sensible answer after pushing all those buttons); however, the real rant is that most kids don't actually know how to use their calculators. Read more... )
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Just been having fun with one of my pupils. She was having trouble with definitions of words like 'solute' so I just did a pack of cards with the terms on some and the definitions on others. Then we turned them all over and tried to pick up matching pairs.

We both had great fun with it. I think I may try something similar with properties of solids, gases and liquids next week. They might work as a lotto game.
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I've just signed up for an Open University short course on Exploring the Oceans.

This may not seem like an obvious first stop towards doing teacher training, but in fact it is.

There's a scheme (Open Univeristy Student Associates Scheme) which allows students to do two paid work placements in schools to give them practical experience of what teaching is actually like before they commit to a teacher training course.

But, you have to be a student to qualify for a place. So, I've just picked a short course (a mere 99 pounds...) in a subject that I know will interest me.

They'll send me the paperwork for the teaching experience and I'll give it a go when schools start in September. Becasue the only way to find out if my health problems are compatible with full-time teaching is to stop dithering and actually try it.

Hm, anyone want to help me come up with a suitable icon for teaching?


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