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Feeling tired from too much travel - been visiting friends and family over the last few days.

Had just managed to work out my poi routine for the Discworld maskerade - a fairly complicated one using scarf poi and a newly learnt figure called a 'fountain'.  Took me a week and a half to 'get' the fountain, and to do the whole routine without twisting the scarves.

Managed to leave the bag containing poi, cross-stitch and the book I'm reading (my 'on voyage' bag) on the train coming home.  A couple of phone calls elicited the information that the bag (if it's been found) will be in Bournemouth until Thursday (before being taken to Waterloo), but of course, in this day and age, you cannot phone a station.  Great efforts are made to ensure you have no number to phone.  A friend of my son's in Bournemouth did a quick check, but lost property closes at 6pm.

Will have to try again tomorrow, but am feeling frustrated.  If I can't get those poi back, I'll have to re-learn the routine all over (different sets of poi move very differently) and I don't know if I have the time before the convention.
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I'm checking over some of my collection of poi, prior to running the poi workshop at Year of the Teledu (you are all coming, aren't you?).  One of them didn't have a proper adjustment for people with different length arms - most poi are easy to adjust.

I needed a sliding knot and all my poi use what appears to be the same knot, so I looked up 'poi knot' on Google with a total lack of success.

I looked at the knot more closely.  It had an odd familiarity...

I went and looked in one of my book collection.  Sure enough, it was a taut line hitch and there was the perfect diagram on how to tie it.

Which book was it?  Well, erm, I'm also helping with the bondage workshop at Teledu...
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I found this one easier than the reverse weave, but that's probably because I spent several weeks last summer learning some moves whose components fit into the hip reel very easily.

It'll take a few days to get it smooth, but I can do the basic action.

Managed to whack myself on the head a couple of times while practising the reverse weave - there's a reason why I use my fluffy ball poi for learning...
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It's taken me three days, but I can now do a backwards weave!

It isn't elegant, but the poi are at least moving in the right direction.

The real test will be if I can still do it tomorrow...

Here's what it looks like and how to do it - though I'm pleased to say that I worked out how to do it without having to look it up.
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If you stop doing poi, becasue it's been winter and there isn't room to practice indoors, then it's amazing how long it can take you to catch up again. I've been relearning my tricks one by one the last couple of weeks and I've finally hit the point where I stopped last year. I can do 'chasing the sun' once more. It's a trick that involves swinging both poi clockwise in front of you and then both of them behind you going the same way. Unless you get the timing exactly right, the strings tangle very quickly.

Poi are good for stress. You have to concentrate hard on the balls, as the moment you don't, you get whacked by a fast-flying poi. (Women have one serious advantage when it comes to doing poi. Getting whacked by a ball in the balls is seriously painful - or so I'm told by [livejournal.com profile] exalted_mugwump...
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A couple of my friends have asked me what poi are.

Essentially, they're rubber balls on the end of pieces of string, usually with streamers or similar on the balls. They originate from a Maori tradition where they were used as hand-eye training for warriors.

I've put a couple of links here to sites where there's a few video animations. This is the trick I'm currently trying to master http://www.bearclawmfg.com/cbt/3LeftSweepBack.htm
and this is the one [livejournal.com profile] alexmc showed me at the Beeblebears Picnic. http://www.homeofpoi.com/lessons/poi_lessons.php/poi/12

I find poi useful when I want to relax mentally, and they also seem to be a useful form of wrist/shoulder exercise. I was afraid that they'd set off the trouble, but if anything, I think they're helping it.


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