Sep. 17th, 2013 01:49 pm
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 My business bank have asked me to set up a new password.  It must be all numbers and ten digits long and I quote "it must be memorable"


Apart from pi, and your mobile number, both of which are bloody obvious to any hacker, how many 'memorable' ten digit numbers do you know?

I can do memorable letter sequences, but my brain isn't oriented to remember numbers.
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If a password with two symbols, a mixture of upper and lower case letters and three numerals isn't strong enough for Paypal, then what the **** is? 

I'm trying to set up a new Paypal account and all my password suggestions are being rejected, apart from one it decided was strong, and then rejected a page later for having an accent (which it didn't).

I've given up for now.  This is hitting the RSI too badly.
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This sums up my feelings on passwords beautifully.
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I cannot now buy a train ticket online without having to register my debit card with a new validation scheme from Visa.  Of course, allowing me to use my pin number as the password would be too rational and easy.

It has to be a mixed alphanumberic string at least six characters long.

And I had a letter in the post today from Alliance and Leicester business banking (whose online system is so secure that I get logged out every other time I use it because I've typed in a password character incorrectly while trying to recall if 7 is the 6th digit or the 7th one of my magic number)  THey're going to be adding an extra level of security.   Extra?  I already have to put in a company ID, a log on ID, and not one, but two, long complicated passwords.



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