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 If you have views on assisted dying, then you can read and comment on the draft bill to legalise assisted dying in the UK here 

For myself, I believe that it is my life and I should have the right to end it if I have an incurable illness and nothing but pain to look forward to.

I also want the right (which this bill would not give, so I've added comments)  to state my requests in advance should I become severely mentally incapacitated by Alzheimer's or similar.  I can see the logic in requiring people to be mentally competent when requesting that they be allowed to die, but I, and many in my family, have a horror of living on when our mind has gone.  I'd like to be able to state my wishes now, so that I would be allowed to die if my mind deteriorated beyond a certain point.  (If I can no longer read, and I can't recognise my family, then I'm no longer me and I doubt very much if I'd be getting any pleasure from life)

I hate the idea that the last of my money would go on expensive care for an empty shell, instead of going to my children. 
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I'm very much in the pro camp when it comes to assisted suicide.  As I'm aware that one of the arguments against assisted suicide is that people may be forced/coerced into this against their wishes, I tend to post about once a year stating my views clearly so that my family/friends have my views on public record at a time when I'm clearly of sound mind and under no pressure from anyone.

I enjoy life.  I have a fair number of aches and pains, but nothing that would make me want to stop living. To the best of my knowledge, I have no serious illnesses.  I look forward to a long life.

However, should I later in life acquire an incurable illness that either left me in continual untreatable pain or totally unable to move, then I would rather be dead.  If I suffer mental deterioration to the point where I can no longer recognise my family members, then my quality of life will have gone and I would rather be dead.

I hope the law will develop to a point where my family would not be prosecuted if they carry out my wishes in a situation where I am not able to carry them out myself.
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This is something that I intend to post around once a year, simply so that there is a record of my wishes over a long period of time.  My family already know my views on voluntary euthanasia, but if they're ever called up on to act, then I want something out there to back them up.

If I reach a stage (which I hopefully never will) when I am unable to recognise my own family (due to something like Alzheimer's), then I do not wish to continue living beyond that point.

If I reach a stage where disability and poor health (in spite of good quality medical care) have reached the stage where I have no independent mobility and am in frequent pain and have no way of doing things that I enjoy (such as sewing, chatting to friends, reading books, singing, etc.) then if I ask to die, believe me.

I have no religious beliefs and no fear of death.

As long as  I enjoy my life, I wish to continue living.  At the point where life becomes a burden to me, that's the point when I wish to cease it.

The thought that someone else's beliefs/ethics will force me to remain living when I no longer wish to do so is extremely repugnant to me.

It's my damn life.


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