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 Due to asthma and other issues, I often have weeks where I get very little exercise.  Hence, several times a year I have to work hard to get fit again.

I caught part of a BBC programme about a month ago that showed some exercise routines that could be done at home without any specialist equipment. Their study showed an increase in muscle mass in their group of over-40s volunteers.

I thought it looked worth a try, so I followed it up on their web page. 

I've been doing the exercises roughly three days a week since then and I have noticed a difference.  The main difference is that in spite of Oswin getting heavier, I now find it easier to lift her and can even toss her in the air and catch her.  (She'll be two in April if you want a gut feel for how heavy she is)

Some of them, I do at specific times, like the squats when I'm brushing my teeth, and others I just do as a set when I'm working through my wrist and shoulder exercises.  (I'm prone to RSI, and the wrist/shoulder exercises help a lot on that score).


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