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 I don't think this consitutes spoilers...

I loved it to pieces and was laughing far  too much of the time.

Errol Flynn's incarnation of Robin Hood (with a slight touch of Dread Pirate Roberts), and a Sheriff of Nottingham that surely owed something to Alan Rickman.

Lots of great banter -and I loved the Doctor's horrified reaction to it. 

And the dialogue and competition between the doctor and Robin!  Yay!

And the arrow...  Oh Lord, that archery competition.  I have no idea how it was supposed to have happened, but it was very, very funny.

As someone who is actually interested in the history of Robin Hood, I can tell you it wasn't historically accurate, but I DON'T CARE.  It was FUN!
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I've been doing a rewatch of New Who and have been struck by one very strong point - which probably goes a long way to explaining why I like this show.

It has people like me.

Episode after episode has decent parts for older women.  They cover a wide range of jobs and personalities, from Jackie Tyler to Harriet Jones.  There's engineers, aliens, politicians, space crew, journalists, mothers, etc.

They aren't all 'designer' women made up to the hilt trying to be glamorous.  They're normal women, doing normal jobs.  They're real people facing extraordinary circumstances and coping with them in all kinds of ways.

In so many shows, older women are virtually non-existent.  We applaud the rare ones that appear and make the most of them, but Dr Who has them there regularly.  It's not just regular characters like Donna and River Song, it's also a steady stream of supporting characters.

To the Doctor Who team, THANK YOU



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