watervole: (Toothache)
Judith Proctor ([personal profile] watervole) wrote2010-11-10 01:48 pm

Still not asthma...

I feel even more out of breath than I did an hour ago, but my peak flow is actually higher, only ten points off my maximum (ie. well nigh perfect).

Just goes to show how totally unfit one can get with just one week flat on your back.

I ought to be doing useful things on the computer this afternoon, but I may collapse and sew some Dorset buttons instead...

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I found the same thing about the cough I've only just about managed to shift after a month. Peak flow only down 20 points but try and do anything, even just picking up after the family or walking slowly down the road to the paper shop, and I was flat out wheezing for a good half hour. My Mum in London has had a similar one but without the added fun of asthma so it seems to be the pattern for this years germ.