Nov. 5th, 2010

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I'm definitely past the worst.  My body temperature is stabilising now.  No hot or cold sweats today.  Still very tired, but more able to move about the house.

The asthma is holding steady (but only because I'm taking max salmeterol and the steroid tablets).  I'm not needing to top up with ventolin today, which is good.  I took so much yesterday that I was getting tremors from it.  I'm almost shaking from the salmeterol alone, but not quite.

I'll keep taking the steroids until I the asthma is stable on half the salmeterol dose I'm taking at present.  (Or the tablets run out.  I've only enough for a four day course, but that should be enough)

Modern medicine may have some problems with side effects, but by Golly, that's massively better than being collapsed on the floor unable to breathe.
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I can hear the fireworks starting and I'm a little bit nervous.

I'm indoors, which will help, but I'm already on pretty much the  max medication I can take, because of the flu.

The two worst asthma attacks I can remember were both on New Year's Eve and triggered by firework displays.

Fingers crossed.   We don't usually get many fireworks in the village.

It's quite possible that the steroids I'm already on will prevent any problem.  Here's hoping.  (and it'll be useful data for the future if they do)

My mind's mostly with Anonymous Morris.  They've danced out a few times before, but this was our first really big event.  I'm so hoping it all goes well.  (But  I would in no way be helping them if I was there and collapsing on the spot - which I would be.  One has to be realistic.  I'd be a distraction, not an asset right now)

They're all good people.  They'll do fine without me.  (Though I do hope the band are okay.  Our new band members have only been with us for two weeks and that's not long to get confident with all the tunes.)


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